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2019                                      75th SEASON’S PROGRAMME


7.30pm Wed  18th Sep  Hattie Miles “Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein”

7.30pm Wed 16th Oct  Jonathan Rogers. “From Literary Page to Musical Stage –How some of the world’s greatest musicals started life as novels”. Illustrated by film extracts.


7.30pm  Wed 20st Nov John Hubbard “A Secular Pilgrimage - reflections on a lifetime’s engagement with great paintings”.  

7.30pm  Wed 11th Dec   John Smith “Roman Life, the Good, Bad and Decline plus Saturnalia, the Roman December Festival”.



7.30pm  Wed  15th Jan Richard Hesketh “The Songs of Tin Pan Alley”.


7.30pm  Wed  19th Feb Stephen Roberts “Lesser Known Bournemouth”.

7.30pm  Wed 18th Mar  John Jenkins “Wild Days in Fleet Street”.

7.00pm  Wed  15th Apr  Annual General Meeting.

7.30pm                             Stephen Tonkin “Pseudoastronomy: Planet X, Zetans and Lost Civilisations .”



Meetings for 2019 to 2020 ,

                            All meetings take place at 7.30pm in the Parlour of TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH, 82 SOUTHBOURNE ROAD, BOURNEMOUTH, BH6 5AQ. Visitors welcome £4.